High-Achieving Women

Pressure, Stress, Nervousness, Worry, Deadlines, Goals,  Sometimes having goals and being a high-achiever can be a gift and a curse. Often times, women who are high achievers place a lot of pressure on themselves to reach goals and do it in a certain, often unrealistic, timeframe. This pressure and stress can lead to negative thoughts, fear of not being good enough, and anxiety. They can be fixated on being busy, but often times things still aren't being accomplished. When you're a high-achieving woman it is important to have realistic expectations, goals, and timelines. 

Through coaching we will address your goals, fears and concerns. We'll address the healthy and unhealthy things you may be doing that are keeping you stressed. I will be supportive and direct in helping you map out your goals, timelines, and help you to get rid of the thoughts and unhealthy habits that are keeping you from achieving your goals. 

Services consist of an assessment session where I gather all the information needed and work with you to determine your needs. Individual sessions will follow until your goals are complete.  Email support may be given in between sessions.  I believe that Services should only be given as needed and once clients have reached their goals, services should be ended (so no dragging things out).

let's work together! you deserve to live your best life!