General Anxiety

Trauma, panic attacks, nervousness, flashbacks, negative thoughts, fear, isolation, constant worry. sound familiar?  I know what it is like to live with anxiety. In 2007 I experienced a traumatic event that took my mentality to a place of panic, constant fear and worry, and severe nervousness. It sucks! overcoming anxiety takes time and constant battling against negative thoughts.  

Through counseling we will address the negative and hurtful thoughts that contribute to your anxiety.  we will work on replacing those thoughts with positive and Healthy ones. I will help you identify triggers that contribute to your anxiety or panic. By doing this you will be able to better handle stressful situations and learn to cope with your anxiety. We will discuss ways to implement these coping skills into your everyday life to help you live a more functional and happy life.  I will be supportive and direct in helping you achieve your goals and decrease overall anxiety.

Services consist of an assessment session where I gather all the information necessary to determine your needs. Individual sessions will follow until your goals are complete.  Email support may be given in between sessions.  All sessions are 50 minutes long. I believe that Services should only be given as needed and once clients have reached their goals, services should be ended (so no dragging things out).

let's work together! you deserve to live your best life!