Military Spouses

Military spouses are some of the strongest people on earth! I know from experience! The challenges that military spouses face are incomprehensible to most people. Moving every few years, deployment after deployment, having to take care of the family when the service member has long work hours or goes on tdy are just a few challenges military spouses face. these things, plus more, can make it difficult for military spouses to:  1. manage all the stress that comes their way and 2. find a career that fits with their hectic and demanding lifestyle.  

Together we can address the anxiety and worry that comes with being a military spouse.  We will address negative thoughts that lead to worry and an anxious lifestyle.   we will address your goals and how to develop a career that fits the military lifestyle.   I will be supportive and direct in helping you map out your goals, timelines, and help you to get rid of the thoughts and unhealthy habits that are keeping you from achieving your goals and manage anxiety. 

Services consist of an assessment session where I gather all the information needed and work with you to determine your needs. Individual sessions will follow until your goals are complete.  Email support may be given in between sessions.  All sessions are 50 minutes long. I believe that Services should only be given as needed and once clients have reached their goals, services should be ended (so no dragging things out).

let's work together! you deserve to live your best life!