Professional Counselors

Private Practice Business Consultations

Congratulations on choosing to put your "helping cape" on and save the world one person at a time!  When I entered the counseling world I knew that private practice would be in my future, but I was unsure how to do it, being a military spouse who moves often. Thus came the idea of providing counseling online! Through my online counseling practice I have been able to work with clients all over the states of North Carolina and Maryland and provide coaching to women worldwide. My clients love the convenience of receiving professional services from their home, office, even the privacy of their car. the easy to use online counseling system has made it easier to professional women who lead busy lives to work from home, set their own hours, and still help save the world. 

I provide business consultations for those who want to start a practice, revamp their practice, or add online practice to their current practice. I help you take the vision you have in your head to make it a reality, from start to finish. During our sessions, we discuss ethics, finding your niche, website options (including creating your own website, like i did), Practice management systems, forms, billing, how to launch, marketing, money management, and more!

When I first got my master's degree I was full of excitement and ready to take on the issues of the world. little did I know that my degree prepared me to be a counselor, but didn't teach me much about the business of counseling. from trying to get licensed, to finding a niche population I enjoyed working with, to figuring out how to start my own private practice...none of this was covered in grad school!

I'm here to provide services to counselors who want some guidance in these areas. you don't have to be stuck in a counseling job you don't fully enjoy and working with populations you don't connect with. Counseling is work from the heart, so it is important that you work in an area that fulfills you! 

let's work together! you deserve to enjoy your career!