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Hi, I'm LaShawnda, and I help women overcome anxiety, fear and worry to reach their personal & professional goals.

Are you ready to become calm, confident & fearless?

Are you a high achieving woman who has major life goals, but is struggling to achieve them due to fear, worry, anxiety, and uncertainty?

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur who has taken the leap (or getting ready to take the leap) and started your own business, but you often feel overwhelmed, unsure, and anxious about the future.

Are you a military spouse who has fear and anxiety about your spouse deploying or your family relocating? Maybe you are struggling to find the right career that fits with your military lifestyle?

Or are you a young woman who is in college or fresh out of college and has fear and nervousness about transitioning into adulthood.

If any of these women sound like you, you are not alone!

Women wear so many hats. We take care of our homes, work hard in our careers, and try to be there for everyone who needs us. These life demands, transitions, and uncertainties can make it difficult for us to achieve our goals. In order to fulfill your goals and live your dreams you must put anxiety, fear and worry aside. Let's work together to reach your goals, in both your personal and professional life.   If you are ready to live you best life schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation now! 



Meet LaShawnda

Hi, I'm LaShawnda McLaurin, licensed therapist, and I help women achieve their personal and professional goals by overcoming fear, worry, and anxiety.


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