How much does counseling & coaching cost?


How much does it cost?

All sessions are $120 for 50 minutes.

No insurance necessary as this is a private pay practice. 

 Fees must be paid via debit or credit card at the time of service.

All payments are made via stripe using my secure client portal (it's super easy!).


Why don't you take insurance?

1. You have to be diagnosed. In order to have your counseling covered by an insurance company, I MUST PROVIDE A DIAGNOSIS, EVEN IT IT'S NOT NEEDED IN YOUR CASE. This reason alone is enough to make me not use insurance. having to diagnose a client with a mental health diagnosis to go in their permanent record, even if they don't need it is troubling to me (and unethical, in my book). 

2.  They determine your treatment. When you use insurance companies to pay for your sessions, they determine how many sessions you can have and how often you are seen. The choice should be yours. I believe it should be up to you, with some guidance from me, to determine how much or how little counseling you need.  I don't want you to be short-changed out of your counseling experience due to insurance stipulations. 

3. It's no longer confidential. Seeking counseling should be your business...not theirs. Once you use insurance to receive counseling services it is no longer confidential. It becomes a part of your medical records. possibly doctors and employers may be privy to this sensitive information. Paying for counseling services on your own is the safest route to go to ensure you the confidential, personalized, and professional treatment you deserve. 

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