Q. Why should I choose online counseling?

A. Hmmmm....where should I start? There are so many benefits to counseling & coaching online.  You are able to get the professional services by a qualified professional (if I do say so myself) from the comfort of your own home!  This is prefect for professionals who aren't able to get off from work and drive across town to see a therapist. This is perfect for moms who aren't able to find childcare and don't want to take their child to an office to wait and sit in a session with them.  This is perfect for women who are on the go and want to take their counselor with them via their computer, tablet, or phone.  Online counseling and coaching is simple and convenient, yet effective.  But more than anything, you should choose online counseling through McLaurin Mental Wellness because it's a good fit for you! 


Q. counseling vs coaching: which one is right for me?

A. It is important to note the difference between counseling and coaching. Here at Mclaurin Mental Wellness, I only provide counseling to women who live in North Carolina or Maryland. All other services are coaching. Those who receive coaching do not have a mental health disorder. They are typically healthy and successful individuals who need some help getting "unstuck" in an area.  


Q. How does online counseling and coaching work?

A. Once your 15 minute consultation is scheduled you will receive an email confirming your appointment. At the time of the scheduled consultation you will receive a phone call from me. Once your follow up counseling or coaching session is booked, You will then receive forms for signature via email through the secure client portal (simple practice). At the time of the appointment you will receive a link to my secure online video session waiting room. It is important that during the time of your session you are in a quiet, private, comfortable environment. sessions can be held from your phone, tablet, or computer.


Q. How often do we meet?

A. This varies from person to person. I see most of my clients weekly or bi-weekly. Most clients also need a minimum of six sessions in order to truly work through their goals.


Q. How much are the sessions?

A. All sessions are $120 for 50 minutes.  Payments are made after each session via the online portal.  a credit or debit card is required to secure your appointment.  


Q. Do you accept insurance?

A. Unfortunately, no, I do not.


Q. OMG, WHY not?

A.  I know this may suck, but hear me out. there are several reasons why I do not take insurance.  The first reason is because in order to bill insurance for services I must diagnose you with a mental health disorder.  I take issue with this.  Many of my clients need help and want assistance, but they do not have a mental illness.  I am not ok with diagnosing individuals for the sake of insurance.  additionally, once a person is diagnosed with a mental illness it becomes a part of their medical records.  not everyone wants this sensitive information to be apart of their medical records for others to potentially see.  and lastly, I want all of my clients to feel comfortable with counseling and coaching and not worry about being labeled or diagnosed.   this is a place to come, share, and get on your way to best life living.  So, sorry, but I do not take insurance.  look at this as an investment that is well worth the price! 


Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A.  Sessions must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the scheduled  session. If the session is not cancelled at least 24 hours before the scheduled time, clients will be charged the full fee for the session.